Christopher Peevor also known as Complex is a hip hop artist from Hereford U.K, he first started writing when he was 14 years old after hearing songs by various rap/hip hop artists.

He had a vision that one day he would be able to portray his poetry/lyrics to people around the world. He began to make material with a friend some years later in Llandrindod Wells, though nothing came of it so he decided to put his music on hold.

This was until he moved to Hereford in 2009 where on a night out he met Divine Compositions a member of the DRC group, conversations began about their love for hip-hop music and how they both had a dream of releasing music.

Complex was then introduced to Small Morris the founder of the DRC group, impressed with Complex’s writing ability he was asked to appear and lay down a verse on one of Small Morris’s tracks called Want You.


They went on to create tracks such as money up and lights camera action. The group had good success with there track Only Gets Better which gained radio play as well as TV play with there video on Channel AKA and Massive RnB.

Complex left the group late 2013, and in 2014 released his first solo track and video titled What I Can Be.

He looks forward to keeping you posted on future projects and hopes you will follow him on his journey.